An active record of artistic encounters

MEMORIAS DE ARKARAN from José Luis Pecharromán DOP on Vimeo.

Michelle Matson
Miyoko Asagaya Kibun, 2009
Yoshifumi Tsubota
"Flawless LoveImaginations are much more beautiful than reality.Screen Generation connect the world and convert them into imaginationsthrough the display.Therefore, a display becomes a room to count on and to release your emotion. Fall in love with virtual reality, make us desire to projectourselves into one of the characters inside.Is this the perfect dream we have been longing for?An illusion may be the reality to those who’s addicted in it.Falling in love with their own imaginations may be a much more beautiful truth then reality."
Sim Chang
Cover Design for Kurt Shwitter’s Merz, no. 8/9, 1924
El Lissitsky